Reservoir Films


The Electronic Ambassador


Strong video content not only captures the essence of a client; it is a versatile asset that invites additional uses, applications and wider audiences. It is an electronic ambassador, creating new engagements, connections and value.

This past year, Reservoir had the privilege to create a well-received introductory video for one of our most inspiring clients. the technology education non-profit, Mouse. We were thrilled to learn recently that Mouse had further use for the footage from our shoots Mouse just launched a wonderful new website at featuring “live” video at the top of the landing page. Our footage of Mouse’s students learning, creating, leading and collaborating helps bring the organization’s mission and work into immediate focus. This new application of our work was simple to create as well as affordable for the client. 

Sometimes video content crosses over to new audiences. As we recently finished our fifth annual video for the Randall’s Island Park Alliance, our friends at the Alliance recognized that portions of the video, which targeted donors and strategic partners, could be reworked into a promo that engaged a wider, general audience. The result now anchors the Alliance’s own reinvigorated website at and can also be seen below.

Where there’s an impactful video, there’s probably potential for it to do more for the organization behind it. We can’t wait for our next opportunity to unlock additional value for a client.

David Breathnach